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recently it has been brought to my attention that i am accused of wasting someone's time by reading my blog.
so in response, i want to apologise from the depth of my heart.
i apologise for your boredom and your fooling around on the net.
i apologise for the random series of events/fates for dragging you here against your will.
i apologise for your decision to read my nonsensical musings.
i also apologise that i took even more of your valuable time in telling me how pointless my writing was.
and no, i don't feel guilty for wasting your time. it was your choice to waste it. i didn't pull a clockwork orange on you.
oh yes, and no milk and cookies for you, mr one-time visitor.


so for even more wanton time-wasting, kids, i have added my myspace music linkie to my sidebar.
totally forgot about it until right now.

so far there are people who have genuinely liked the one piece i made.
motivating? i say oui.
surprising? i reiterate oui.

so i'm on a mission to get a copy of cubase and reason and a good old microphone and see what is the bastard child of these things.
and also invade the sound studio at college. i should exploit that place. fergus said it was unexploited. so i want to exploit. exploitatively. next year. third year. last year. stress year.


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