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people are philistines.
they just don't understand and won't bother to. the worst thing is that they will nevertheless say something out of their cretinhood like 'could have made a color code.' or 'did not understand the handwriting on the explanation.' or 'it lacks typography'. and some don't understand minimalism.
it was only three hours later when i tardily rushed out into the full room after the break and colin (a.k.a. the new course/year leader who was teaching in the u.s. prior to coming to kiad) said 'ah, iris, there you are. we were talking about your piece. you mentioned people didn't understand your work and this young lady asked about it earlier.'
(he knows my name??)
my face once again became an open book thus adding to the comedy of the situation that caused rippling giggles, and after i swallowed in my confused surprise, i said 'it's the mapping of the interaction between different people's personal territory in a large, neutral, public space. each plate is a different layer, from closest to furthest, red to blue, creating a network and translating the data gathered from photographic sources into a purely visual piece.'
i got a pat on the back by my tutor and complimented the explanation; colin told me earlier while he was observing it that it was very good, nodding.

i have to say, some of other people's work was amazing. especially the videos. damn awesome. totally out of my league. i'm so making videos and music next year. i'm not remaining subpar.

ah. ah. ah.

like billy corgan once titled a song 'the end is the beginning is the end' - the end of the academic year is the beginning of the third year is the end of the course.
tomorrow will be another day.
today i am sleeping.


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