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no one here but us chickens, doctor

sundays are boring so i set off to get some supplies so i can make some mixtapes (who buys tapes anymore nowdays?) to listen to when i'm driving (because it's against the law to have earphones on while you drive. i'm learning yes i am!) and i came across this


there goes any trace i worked with them.
i have to visit the new shop and see how they're doing.
especially jamie - he was such an awesome boss.
it's thanks to him, his obsession with graham coxon and his stories about meeting him in camden, his insistance of 'happiness in magazines' being his best album yet, that i got interested in this adorable nerdy-schoolboy-looking ex-blur-ite.

it's a funny circle. i wanted to buy tapes so i can record some albums - including 'happiness in magazines' - then i saw hmv closed which made me think of jamie which in turn reminded me of graham coxon which lead to 'happiness in magazines'.

here are a couple more of mr coxon's videos.


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