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i love this track so much.
listen to it.
seriously. it's so awesome. i want to go record hunting again.
with a record rifle. and a batch of record traps and record baits.
whatever happened to music like this? where did it go?

you should also listen to
genius. genius i tell you!

(courtesy of show and tell music)


i also want a puppy.
my dad said 'you'll be enslaved. all the expenses and responsabilities... if anything you should have a baby.'
i said 'ha, and babies don't enslave you?'
he said 'i'll keep it. you do your thing, i'll bring it up.'
i said 'but it will be my kid!'
he said 'it will also be my grandchild. and i'll take care of him.'
i said 'who said it would be a boy?'
he said 'or her. a tiny you, again.'


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