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i have been thinking about the 'break'.
i have poured so many hours on the design for the sake of not cringing when i view this blog, of taking up some space and claiming it as mine by means of color coordination as a picket fence, that i already feel guilty by entertaining the thought of abandoning it. it's my little designbaby, a learning experience.
whether i like it or not, the decrease of posting will be compulsory from next week onwards. this also involves buzznet and flickr, unless i find a place to connect my laptoppy to.
i like to view this as a deblogtoxification. in many ways, this summer will become a sort of cleanser for my mind and body, quite literally. i need it. maidstone clogs my system and i can easily hit lows especially on sunday mornings when i wake up and roll over and all i see are pillows and empty space and i don't even bother pulling the curtains aside because i know the sky, the pavement, the buildings are of a perennial grey hue and stay in my pjs all day long.

for the time being, why waste a perfectly good week of unlimited connection, you silly silly girl?

oh and before i forget


'star bored' is bobby's webcomic and it is awesome. it's based on our graduating class of 2003, and also on star trek, star wars, reservoir dogs, the a team, the x-files, and the lord of the rings amongst others. it's been going on ever since. i have neglected to mention it so: linking time.
of course, he is the main character.
also, i am in it.
last my character appeared it involved being smeared in alien goo but it has yet to reappear soon.

read bobby's work right now, all the way from the beginning to the end because he has the best sense of humor i have ever encountered and is as witty as a fox smoking a pipe and wearing a monocle sitting cross-legged on an armchair in front of a fireplace, and also his style has evolved and become more defined.
bobby is effin' awesome.


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