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an end to this travesty, i say!

there's a friggin crane fly in my room somewhere ditzing about with its ridiculous clumsy flying.
my various attempts to get rid of it without involving 'splat' have all proven to be worthless, in my twitchy/jumpy/paranoid state.
dammit i'm not having that errant tumbleweed made of freakishly long wimpy legs strutting around on my face while i'm sleeping. or die somewhere in my room. yuk.

do mosquitoes ever poop? do slugs poop?
i know caterpillars do - i kept some silkworms in a shoebox when i was little, they pooped bigtime.

they were so cute. i'd stare at them all day.
they say they only eat mulberry leaves.
that is a lie, a big prone-to-suffer-heart-attack-due-to-cholesterol-clustering-in-coronary-arteries lie, because i fed them lettuce while the mean boys in my class would chant 'se te van a morir, se te van a morir' and i would say in mid-sobs 'no, no se van a morir!' and then look worriedly at the hole-poked box, through a film of tears.
and what happened?
the silkworms ate and ate and ate and became huge and made themselves a coccoon and after some time broke free in their black and white moth glory.


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