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will ian rat on sally?

while channel 4's first bit of news was the idle strolling of a couple of ducks in front of 10 downing street, i was struck by the sentence stating that mr georgedoubleu does not want to save the polar bears, or perhaps more importantly not save the inuits' lives. now that the issue has a human face - now that the victims aren't only the seals that can't mate and have pups on the icey shores - will it be any different? will there be any control? will anyone listen? (do i hear kyoto in the distance?)
george arbusto, go lick a poisonous frog already.
can't you hear putin grinding his teeth next to you, after you hit a sensitive nerve, as the russian parade advances?
can't you feel that the cold war ghost still looms its head around the corner, there are lingering historical taboos?
you are losing your few friends, st george. maybe you should consider befriending the dragon instead of waving a red blanket in front of it. you'll find it isn't a dragon after all, but a hot air balloon.
and if you turn your head,
maybe the real dragon is in fact green. and a house. and an effect.

apart from that, i want to show something.
it's a minigame from the nintendo fathered, sega mothered, gamecube bred 'billy hatcher and the giant egg'.
have a go.


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