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a walk into town, a hesitance in front of the pdsa store, an 'eh, okay', a look through their records. hence, a new acquisition for my collection:


gene kelly is so awesome.

i always happen to be sitting at my desk, facing the window, when this boy with a cast on his arm walks down our street.
i wonder
how he hurt his arm.
how badly he hurt it: partial or total breakage.
how long he's had the cast for.
if he is right-handed or left-handed.

it reminds me of that time when i was thirteen i hurt my thumb in a basketball competition. the teacher took me aside, sat me down, told me to wait until the pain faded away. 'but it hurts' i whined and she just told me to run it under cold water. so i did, and went back to watch the game. when our team's match was over, i was overwhelmed by a chorus of 'are you okay's, until someone said 'you're thumb's turning blue!'. i looked at it in dispair - indeed, the thumb was a swollen blue, and i could hardly move it.
so they took me to the medic van, where they tied a metal strip to the thumb, and bandaged half my arm.
it was, almost, a little trophy. a battle scar.


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