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visits to idle decaf activist have doubled so far today, thanks to planeta hilda.
she makes the cutest most colorful stuff and i adore every single little bit of illustrative work she does.
so hilda, obrigada!

i like it when it feels like christmas and yet it isn't.


thanks carol! she's another one of my hero(in)es.

lots of thank yous today, lots of sugar.

i'm really craving a sewing machine but i really can't afford one - so far there is a polka dotty tote bag to be done, and the fabrics are in deep conversation with the buttons in my ragbox.
to be honest i've lost the little interest i had in college, only motivated on doing personal projects. and that's a bad sign. very bad. they've given us so much freedom in this last assignment, i'm just staring at a big white wall. next year will be even worse. writing one's own brief is the strangest most confusing thing.
the most accurate manner i can put it is that i am intimidated by this, and my mind goes blank whenever i try to look it in the eyes.

i have to tie my hair back and get excited about the academic side of life again, but it's very difficult when you're in a moment where you don't know where you are, who you are, what you will be, when there's something missing but you can't tell what it is, you're not even sure if it's one, two, three things, or maybe none altogether - all i know for sure is that i'm tapping my foot impatiently for the 20th of june to peek its sunny head over the rooftops.


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