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petition no.2 complete.
business giraffe.


the self-appointed alphamale 'rooster' is back. five days of him.

'have you done this yet? did you remember to do this? did you know this other thing?'
and has started to make planning/preventive suggestions for saturday (having in mind he's planned every single detail a week ago or so).
i said,
'you're always the bearer of bad news, it's always worst case scenarios.'
he said,
'that's how i view the world.'
i said,
'well that's not how i view it.'
he has this idea in his skull, that being two years older he has some kind of authority over me, like the primary school kid that claims being two months older makes him twice the wiser.

and then he proceeded to give me a list of the pokémon he still needs to catch to complete the game.

'oh yes and you're going to have to pay me for the gas, you know, the car weight will increase and all.'
this coming from a person who is almost three times my weight.


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