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on the lookout for geniusjuice

tuvok is the only character out of voyager that i like. he makes a convincing vulcan.
i'm going to adopt one of his frequent lines:
'another time, perhaps.'
i love it.

i have a new (old) baby. little lc-a.

new (old) baby

circa 1990, hand assembled.
i spent half an hour cleaning it and the stink of smoking still lingers underneath the kleenex-wipe odour. yuk.
the instructions also stink of smoke, and they are - hilariously - in cyrillic.
yet it came in a plastic box (free tupperware!), two sets of batteries, and it works fine.
so it's all good, and i can't wait to see what he (i decided for it to be male) has to offer.

lc-a and miss hp will become friends, although he will be jealous of fishyblink.
holga acts as if she's oblivious to it all: she likes to look aloof.


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