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miffy goes to london

today i obeyed my tutor, and went off to take pictures of people and try not to freak them out at the same time.
however, all the english inhabitants had disappeared from the face of london, and were replaced by dutch, german, spanish and american tourists.

then i saw a man who i secretly named Oz Aughm.
he had the most wonderful beautiful long hair, streaming down his back like a harmonized waterfall, straight and sleek, ending in lovely, flowing waves. it was dyed black, but when it shined it blinded me with red laser rays.
i tried to catch up with him to stare at his hair some more but his long strides soon were out of reach for my little ones.

also-also-also: bookies. i got this and this. for ridiculously cheap.

bodum was another stop. jaw-dropping awe at the design. even more jaw-dropping, yet with not awe but dread, at the prices. needless to say, if it wasn't for the fold-up trolley i saw and bought because it will save up all the future foodshopping cab rides home with the bonus of making me look like a precocious little old lady, i would have gotten the odd bistro mug.

and another visit to neal's yard. sigh.


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