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ingredients: aqua, talc, cyclomethicone

i forgot that awesome sunny weather comes with consequences.
female insecurities blossom and explode with life just like our jungle of a back yard.

please, send will power my way.
thank you.


there is someone in maidstone, apart from the one person i gave the url to, that visits idle decaf activist.
this makes me extremely uncomfortable, as i have no clue if it's someone that knows me personally.
if this is so, then whatever i write is compromised.
i must confess, i panicked when i found out.
i could have written things that may have offended. or i could have written things that haven't.
it sounds incredibly stalkeresque, that i should know what link they click on to get here, that i could tell by the i.p. address this is someone i haven't told about this blog.

sometimes i write things i only want to share with my regular readers (a big thumbs up to all of you, with a calligraphic penned heart on it), little inane observations, little doodles, little stories, little videos, that would normally leave someone i would personally know nonplussed. but i have to express it, record it somewhere, or else it's lost, never to be found again.
i must learn from outside feedback.

i have always considered this blog as something completely independent from daily life, from the people i know, an outlet for venting, an outlet for creativity, a beacon for understanding.
the blogosphere is independent from daily life, let's state, it has its own networking, its own social structure, its own distinct feel - depending on one's notions of the function of blogs in relation to one's own and others'.
with that, comes inherent private territory - your blog is your own, it's yours to play around with to your heart's content, to design, to fill in, to mold this lump of css clay into a worded figure of your liking, that grows and grows and color in and tweak and look from different angles as you add another layer of posts - tree rings, perhaps? tiramisu?

it's funny how i will consider a violation of my personal space that someone, who superficially knows me in person, reads this collection of thoughts; and on the other hand not mind at all, no, actually encourage, fellow bloggers to read them.

which is why i invite this reader to introduce themselves: it's good manners to knock before you enter.
thank you very muchly.


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