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ilisu: 14 - slugs: 0

with deep disgust i poked at it with a wooden spoon and it shrunk into itself and i eeped and let a '¡¡¡qué asco qué asco!!!' escape despite the fact that everyone else was asleep and i probably woke them up.
it turned its shiny, slimy, yellow monopod up and it only took another poke for it to stick.
i cringed as i dropped the spoon into a plastic bag, tied a knot, then put it into another plastic bag, tied another knot, and put that in yet another plastic bag, and tied a double knot, making sure there were enough layers of plastic and air between that gargantuan slug and me.
to be certain there weren't any more midnight kitchen invaders i grabbed the box of salt, opened the garden door and sprinkled a thin layer as a deterrent (detergent also).
out of the corner of my eye i saw something move in the dark. it writhed and turned and twisted and stretched and another slug bit the dust while i tried not to watch out of morbid fascination.
i had not planned the death of another enemy unit.

it's another saturday of timewasting




more crap.

and, this man is my new hero.


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