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ik ben vandaag zo vrolijk, zo vrolijk, zo vrolijk

more charity shop finds today:

vikki carr
it has 'ain't no mountain high enough' and 'if you could read my mind' and that sold it for me. and of course the cover. how retro can it get: the close-up shot, the make-up, the typeface, the song listing on the front... and the back is the best.


there it is.
my little ray of sunshine.
24 days left yay hooray yay, that's practically nothing. nothing, i tell you!
happy dance with the ikea snake.

i'm drawing out a summer's resolution:

i am getting my driver's license
i am getting my normal tan back (with pertinent sunscreen), this paleness is unnatural and unflattering
i am going to make like a sealion and doze off on the beach (almost) every day
i am letting my hair grow longer but bangs remain
i am going to walk a lot to get back the fitness i've lost
i am going to take a poopload of pictures with various cameras, experiment with multiple exposure and cross-processing
i am going to learn how to knit
i am going to look for knee-length skirts
i am going to look for cute pumps and calf-high boots
i am going to forget about college, dissertation and all

and i've recently been told i'm accompanying my parents to the netherlands afterwards, so an entirely new resolution list will have to be composed for that.


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