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i promised anti a lip-synch video, and, um, here it is. not nearly as good as his.
oh, monsieur. ack.
this will, for sure, be taken off at some point.

//video has been taken down for the time being, enough embarrassment for one day, thank you//

also, claudia's viddie is on the way.

what have i got to say today?
i had a dream last night - i was hiding from some military guys, and that's how i met indiana jones. he looked like a drifter, until i recognised him. he was on the other side of this boat docking platform. we sort of coordinated our unseen escape by means of sign language, avoiding a couple of guards. then we fell into a river, and found some boxes that floated if you stacked them up.
so on a pile of boxes each, we went down the river, ending up on a shore next to what looked like the back of a huge, flat-walled building. we looked through the window: nazis!
so doctor jones goes and waits, pressed against the wall, all wet and expectant, for a soldier/sargeant person to go through the door, and he attacks him a la captain kirk with the open-palm chop on the shoulder.
this doesn't work (although i was sure it would) and they struggle for a bit, while i watched, paralyzed. finally, he overpowers the officer, and between the two of us we take him somewhere hidden away. we take his hat off, and he turns out to be an undercover mi5 agent, with a moustache; he looked like albert from batman.
'oh no, i'm too much in a tight spot, i can't do anything. i must remain unnoticed!' he said, when we asked him to join us.
'fine' we said, 'you cowardly traitor.'
and we set off to take on the lined-up squadron of soldiers in that huge hall, drawing out a cunning plan... and then my alarm woke me up.
that's all i remember. although the bugs from 'a bug's life' were in there somewhere. i have no clue how they fit in. and i didn't like that movie anyway.


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