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hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle

*the cow jumped over the moon

'cream soda tastes like fizzy vanilla air-freshener and i know so because i tried it for the first time today - now i have to drink the whole thing or else it will be a waste.' cried the city giraffe.
'why did you get it then? i told you to get the ginger beer.' the country giraffe reproached.
'no, ginger beer somehow reminds me of orlando bloom. unless it's sugarfree.' the city giraffe confided.
'i say we go get some hobnobs' suggested the airbourne giraffe.

*the little dog lau-ha-ha-haghed to see such sport

i have decided to give you a videotour of maidstone. first film in progress.

*and the dish ran way with the spoon.


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