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don't worry william, i have no intention of getting dirty

the other day i realised that it had been over a year since i've been 'online'.
a year of ilisu.
(well, not entirely: people have been calling me ilisu since i was 14 due to this mass nickname appointing in my class. my old classmates still call me so.)

i digress.
it all started with buzznet. the horrible first pictures i posted - that picture of me with jonas's mobile.
there was one of bobby, i'm sure.

a year ago, i didn't really know what a blog was. i didn't know people liked to anonymously or semi-anonymously or not anonymously at all write about their daily lives, their current project or greater causes.
the internet was just a bunch of websites to visit. to me, it was ebay, and dieselsweeties; kazaalite and msn.

september: i budded into both blogspot and flickr.

how things have changed, how much of a sociological movement this is, the web, the extension of our three-dimensional space into an infinite universe of kilobyted memory.
a translation of today's society, in an anarchic, segmented, poorly-shaped sprawl, a fight for this new space, a colonisation.
the development of a new language, a bracketed language, a pixelled lanuage.
did the 50's scifi stories ever contemplate the possibility that man will explore inwardly, his own artificial space, in more detail, before exploring outwardly, space outside his planet?
this is space within space, sometimes i sit back and amaze myself at this development, at this explosion, and how new i am to this.
(i'm probably writing my dissertation on this topic so stop me if i get carried away).
how i remember the noisy dial-up modem, the first we had, the telephone bills, the saving all the simpsons gifs i could find, the printing all the information on kurt cobain i bumped into and his pictures.
i'd wake my parents up with the neeeeeeneenooonaaanooneeeeeh pssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh neeeeeeee pssssssshhhhhhhhhh and i couldn't open internet explorer too soon.

anyway, i'm planning to change the design of this bloggyblog.
yes. again.
it's almost a monthly chore. like changing bed sheets. only that i do that every two weeks.
i can't find a design i'm absolutely happy with.
too much of a perfectionist for my own good, i think.


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