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well... crap

anthony charles linton blair.
the iraq scam is the only winner and i find that repugnant. however, there will be a bit more libdem breathing down labour necks. maybe there will be change. a clear message was sent.
also, i'll only have to live under this for one more year, and, depending on how things go (very muchly subject to change), one more on top of that. half the term.
this is not my home.


i bought apples and kiwis. kiwi. kiwi. kiwiiiiiii.

it's my dad's birthday today and i will have a kiwi and chopped dates and listen to los bravos in his honor while i play with pillows with my feet, and wonder whether i should call him now or later to sing 'feliz feliz en tu día' the moment he picks up.


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