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another time, perhaps

i have this panicky vein starting to throb since i have two weeks and a half left worth of project time and i have no clue of what i'm doing.


for the past two or three years, my mom, my brother and i have been going to the same part of the long beach in málaga.
the first thing i do, is place the towel, lay on it and get rid of the top of the bikini, like countless other girls.
it's nothing out of the ordinary.
now, there is this slouching, white haired, blue-capped, old man, that likes to comb the beach... for boobflashing women.
every time we go to that particular place and he's around, it never fails: he'll look around absently, take his bleached towel, and sit right next to us.
and blatantly stare.
and stare.
and stare.
first reaction: compassion. the poor man.
second reaction: annoyance. stop staring.
third reaction: anger. fuckin' old man.

it pisses me off extra bonus additionally because it's not only me, it's also my mom who he stares at - i mean, we have the right to be topless if we want to, and it's also our right not to bear someone sitting right next to us staring, when he has the whole beach to sit elsewhere.
'it's as if some stranger was walking right next to you on the street, and kept on saying obscenities' my mom remarked.
she makes comments out loud to see if he gets a hint:
'ugh, ya está aquí el viejo.'
'otra vez, qué asco.'
'los jovencitos son más discretos - éste no se corta.'
he doesn't care.

so here is where my brother comes in. my mom asks him to sit in a strategic pose between us and the gazer.
that's when he gets the hint, and looks for other freebreasted females to sit and ogle at. which is loads.
and this whole comedy is acted out every single time he's around - which is almost always.

his mornings must be a series of this. sitting next to target, staring until target gets pissed off, move on to new target and so forth until lunchtime. we've seen him do that.
you have these mixed feelings of sadness and rage - we start to imagine his situation:
'of course, at his age... and his wife... he just wants to gets his kicks... but by getting free softp-orn with us!!'
if he's still around this summer, i will so tape him.


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