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something small!?

d & c, you are awesomely insane.

i'd just gotten back from college, and found a red lump on the stairs, rachael was in the living room and i asked her
'is this for me?'
she said
'what did you order?'
i said

it was so heavy and i opened it and there were books inside and two of them were old school mexican comic books and another two were 1968 STAR TREK TRANSCRIPTS and i picked a random page and it said 'spock: true, otherwise the human race would have been destroyed by now' and i said 'ohmygawd rachael these are scripts!!!!!!!!!!' and rachael laughed at me and said 'ooooookaaay' as she always does when i get excited about things and and and and i inspected the bag further and there were stickers of cows and georgedoubleuliarliar and shiny stars and damezumari and also a damezumari cd and i said 'i'm going to listen to 'groundhog day' right now!!!!'

and doug and claudia i hope you're having the bestest time in lima because you deserve it and this was already an awesomesomesome day today due to many factors but now it's even awesomerererer and thank you thank you thankyouthankyouthankyouuuuu

mexican sentimentalism

i swear this was the bag of goodies from heaven.

and you guys know that if you can't get hold of a book, you know where i am.


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