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see what was once the most beautiful man in the world being kissed by a harpy.

kurty loves courtney

this pic is still cute.

i've just watched yet another of channel 4's 'best 100' sunday night programs, this time being 'best 100 albums'.
beck talked. he was wearing an awesome grey and yellow striped shirt. glee. orale. odelay. orale.

nirvana's 'nevermind' scored third.
again i'm tugged back to the fourteens.
i had millions of pictures of kurt cobain stuck on my filer, 'nirvana' tippexed on my pencilcase, two or three posters i could manage to salvage from ex-grunge kids that were so much taller and older and wiser than i was, stuck on my walls next to internet-sourced pixelled pictures (i had folders and folders of images and videos taken from the fragile dialup connection that i could only use once a week). all i had in my father's 80's walkman were either 'nevermind' or 'in utero' tapes. it took some saving up before i could actually buy the albums. and when i got the coveted 'nevermind' cd, i had a spring in my step while it bounced in the plastic bag, and when i put it into the stereo, my heart skipped a beat. my life revolved around those dirty riffs, they gave my life a 180º spin.

i don't recall how it happened, but this boy from my year approached me by means of nirvana-ed conversation. long dark hair, blue eyes, guitar, tattered clothes, anti-authority attitude. the works. he'd have the sweetest little gestures, like when he handed the 'incesticide' tape he borrowed from me back, with a newly made little cover .
'oh my god!'
'i knew you'd like it.'
that became a three day-long swoon and a whole series of little notes passed throughout lessons with my best friend.
or when he stuck an earphone in my ear from behind by surprise when i was waiting for the bus, and smiled at my recognition of the bassline.
or when he sat next to me on a bus trip and shared the earphones with me.
or when he beckoned over his guitar at me on a free lesson, and i sat on the desk in front of him, and he played 'come as you are' for me.
all that was a blushfest.

now i just can't stop smiling after remembering this. it's a scrunch-nosed smile that i have to hide behind my sleeve.


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