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if i'm only getting a 40% because i didn't hand in my work on time, regardless of the quality and the hours i spend on the video, i will shout and scream and stomp and lay lifelessly on the ground until someone forces me to stand up a la 3 year-old tantrum.

silke was incredibly understanding ('i didn't know you had a leg in holland') and rhed was nowhere to be seen because her mother passed away and she's tending to family matters - je suis desolée, rhed.

but the secretary, the nexus between the students and the bureaucratic world, looked at me in a way that said 'you liar' and shoved the form into my hands, saying that surely i knew how to fill it in and i said that i didn't, this was my first time; then i was told to corroborate the reasons for my failing to adhere to the deadline, and i said,
do i have to print out the easyjet.com bill for the plane tickets?
do i have to stick pictures of my parents' computer to prove i didn't have any hardware that would enable the progress of my work?
do i have to add phone numbers belonging to eye-witnesses of the lack of resources and the morning sickness?
do i have to break into the tutors' office to retreive the letter from rhed's abandoned in-tray?
do i have to be in a near-dying state in order for my work to be evaluated normally?

i can't help it if the problems were punctual, and this lack of trust is now mutual thank you very much, and i'll hold in the waterworks because 'just a pass' is as bad as a fail to me.

ah, this means i will work extra hard for the last project.


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