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Q. can i keep that awesome apartment in neil's yard?
A. yes, you can.

and the daydream pops in the train.
followed by hints of melancholy because i'd just left my mother and her bustrip friend to their own devices in london.
um, but i got some great great great books. so much temptation. so little money.
'nobody knows' yoshitomo nara drawings
'hasta fin de existencias 2/while stocks last 2'
'ddr design: east german design 1949-1989'
'dadaism' dietmar elger
'on bullshit' harry g. frankfurt

today was also a good day because i got to ride one of the few nice trains with the best stranger ever:

best stranger on train ever

in addition to all this we went to the tate modern. hooray!!! and once again i got harrassed by security guards.

why am i watching 'vanilla sky'? am i seeking disappointment on purpose?
despite the fact i wasn't particularly fond of the original movie's main actors (eduardo noriega rrggh and penélope cruz double rrrggh but i did like najwa nimri and fele martínez) i adored 'abre los ojos':
'¿qué es para ti la felicidad, césar?'

sofía's character loses her edge. she's wishy washy and only depends on the hyperexaggerated spanish accent. cringing. the original's abruptness and harshness is lost in midst of the glitziness and seductiveness.
and the disfiguration isn't half as nasty.
and i'm not going to continue because i'll never stop.


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