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pipas tostadas y ligeramente saladas

sunflower seeds are yummy, slightly salted.
you crack the shell between your incisive teeth and it makes the most glorious of sounds.
of course this isn't too nice towards whoever is watching tv or trying to read beside you so they join you in the seed cracking activity, creating a succession of harmonised ka-ticks, eventually turning it into a rhythm you follow, until you realize that the bag is empty and the tupperware container has become a black and beige mountain of impeding avalanches.

(i'm thinking, i'd like to live in london, for a bit, despite all the costs that would involve, for a year, if i get accepted into camberwell, just a slight taste.
i'd love to do this introductory course on fabric printing.
or maybe go back to holland and do my ma course there.
or go back to málaga and be a bum that draws with chalk all over the city for the rest of my life.

perro raro porque es verde


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