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school images, vague images, numbered images - asking mr duking if i could keep the museum pencil, him looking at another teacher and reluctantly giving permission; filling in question sheets with facts and figures on dinosaurs, eras, and genetics; doing all the interactive/fun games they had for kids, getting bored of them after a couple of minutes.

it had been a long time, so we went.
it hasn't changed a bit. except the dinosaur exhibition, now being of the heart, including those belonging to different animals in jars of formaldehyde (a lion's heart is as big as a human's); and the 'activity' room, now on 'sneller, hoger, sterker!' (faster, higher, stronger) with even more macabre stuffed animals to add to the numerous ones on the first floor - the stitching on their heads looked like lobotomies. they said, on laminated signs, 'touch me, but do not ride me'.
i didn't know shrews were that small.
why would anyone want to tame a shrew?
and why the shrew reference?
unidentified ship six lightyears away, captain
most of the interactive games we tried to play were out of order sans the sign (with very few exceptions). we ran races. we pushed buttons. we pretended we nuked countries by flicking lights on and off the globe models. bobby got to be a starfleet officer and a snail. i got to be a city squasher and a planet hugger.
      if i could i would hug the world


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