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a medley

today a trucker man gave me a thumbs up from his window.
trucker guys are so awesome and polite.

politeness is something people should have a bit more in mind.
less egg throwing, more head nodding.


this government needs to be pulled up, roots included, and thrown into the compost pile.
okay you uk citizens. be sensible and vote for libdems on may 5th.
and stop being so precious about your island. land is land. dirt and worms. grass and ladybirds.
mud and bird poop.
if you don't want immigrants to hide under trucks or stowaway in ships, send money off to their respective countries to raise their standard of living - better than cloudy tax disappearances into the bureaucratic system, no? even if it is a small percentage. it will make a difference. be sure that they invest it in something productive.
if not, refrain from advocating globalization if you're not ready to assume the consequences.


'earth vs. the flying saucers' is so awesome. old school cardboard flimsy scifi is fantastic.
papier-maché helmets. distorted voices. bweepbweepbweeps.


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