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death row song

lars von trier's 'dancer in the dark' is so endearing, so painful.
i watched it last night - it was slow at first, the atmosphere had to be set, the premises had to be stated, and then it picked up, then it ran and ran and ran and sprinted, the musical performances marking the rythm and dividing the stanzas, then it twisted unexpectantly like a jabbed snake, and bit you.
i had to look away at one point otherwise björk would have taken me down with her.
and then it stopped, abruptly. i was left speechless and paralyzed. after a couple of minutes, i slowly reached out to stop the credit roll.
looking at myself in the closet mirror: the mascara had run down my cheeks horrendously, my nose was shiny red, and my eyebrows were still fixed in an agonic position.

it's still yet to be decided if it's a movie, a musical, or an excuse to release another björk album. in any case, it's good.

'bye jeff. bye jeff.'


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