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i've just woken up and i feel like crap and hungry. i've stuffed my face but i still have mal cuerpo, due to this dream i have the urge to record.
it was scary.
not a nightmare, but it was scary.

somehow, i'd traveled somewhere which was mix between holland and portugal - there were trams and there were vertically sliced houses, yet the people spoke portuguese and there were also bungalowish tiny houses, the sort that look like pillboxes from the 40's with whitewashed exteriors.
i was looking for something/someplace.
it was night-time, and after exiting a park, it seemed to be general knowledge that there was an impeding danger. a sort of regular yet unscheduled danger.
these nazgul-type flying beasts appeared and swooped grabbing people in their wake.
i found myself in a clear of cobbles, and ran as fast as i could, trying to join the crowd to be safer, but when i'd almost catch up, the person nearby would be taken by one of the black dragon-like creatures, which made me run in the opposite direction. i escaped from being grabbed by a whisker several times, on one i had to take my shirt off and throw it so they'd be distracted by it while escaped.
i don't know how, but i got away in my bra, and looked for shelter in one of the tiny, flat houses. one looked cute - a dark red stripe on top, just below the flat-ish roof, and the 'name' of the house was handwritten in the same paint - it looked like it had what i was looking for inside.

so i went in, and its inside was a huge lift. there were no buttons, nothing i could recognise to operate it. after some pointless time, a girl came in, smiling as a greeting. she layed down on a seat in the middle of the floor, and pulled a lever.
suddenly these buttons appeared, which i should have seen before but i hadn't. the two that caught my attention were red: one said 'ground floor/up', the other 'down -5'. in silent agreement, i pressed the one that took us down.
when we arrived, i stepped out and my feet touched earth. there were trees, shrubs, and a cliff: beyond that cliff, what looked like a mine/building/engineering site.
after some progression of the story, which i forget, it was imperative for me to leave this 'house'. the girl, and what appeared to be the characters from oz (i could only identify one: a robot-like boy with a head that looked like line-carved wood painted grey, he was the engineer-type, reminiscent of data, the tin man, and the scarecrow combined. the rest were blurry), tried their best to fix this problem with the lift: it wouldn't work.
the grey boy had this small universal tool, that looked like dentist's powerdrill on a metal stick. everytime he'd activate it, i'd stare at the point, thinking 'what would happen if i put my finger there?', but didn't do so because i knew my hand would become a bloody mass of shredded flesh.
then the boy put his finger on it. this was a powerful drill, yet the finger was unscathed. then he proceeded to level the ground which seemed to be the reason why the lift wouldn't work, and achieved a 90º angle between the wall behind the lift and the earth.
after some hoorays i got in the lift, but this time i was confused because i had to navigate it myself. so i pulled the lever, and then more buttons appeared, in addition to the previous ones. i pressed several, meaning to press the one that'd take me up to the ground floor, my arm wasn't responding properly: press, cancel, press, cancel, press, cancel, until i seemed to hit the right one, and with a sigh of relief, the lift started to move.

once out of the house, i started walking, and ended up in this strange lecture theater, where this man with awesome dorky glasses, a buttoned black vest and a white shirt was holding a pointing stick to the blackboard. i sat in the long, science class-like table to the left of three, and a random blonde guy appeared next to me. i started making comments and wisecracks about the gel-haired clark kentish lecturer and what he was saying - yet i couldn't hear my own voice, and i insisted on making the odd comment or two. surprisingly, the boy showed he understood me by giving smiling nods.
i looked behind me, and a girl from my year at college was there (i've only talked to her once, but she is one of he most beautiful people i've ever seen - not in a conventional sense - she has the most peculiar long facial features on inmaculate pale skin which would make her an elven princess right out of a tolkien tale, and the most wonderfully long, dark wavy hair): she had shaved her head, right to the scalp. i thought 'curious...', looked forward again to see the seat before me was empty, and i wondered, 'where did the boy go?'.
i kept on ignoring the lecturer for a while. i turned my head backwards again, and the boy had taken the girl's seat, and she'd moved further back.
then i got onto this very narrow tram, and while it moved, i sat on the edge of the open window, the upper half of my body outside, to see how the open-air yellow-lighted lecture became more distant, smaller; and too see where the tram was going. it didn't seem to follow any rails at all, and i thought 'is this a flying tram?' while it took a very sharp curve.
and then i woke up to the sound of 'the jerk's' ahem-ing in the room next door.

i haven't attempted to analyse it yet, or whether it's a 'subconscious' or a 'filing' dream, i was too busy recalling it - none of the images correspond with what i'd seen yesterday, so i lean towards the former type.
or the apple i ate last night was a magic fruit of wonderous visuals!


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