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i'm baffled at a certain habit a friend of mine has: he puts his hand on my head while he talks to me - i start wondering 'what is the function of this? what does this gesture mean? is it language?' as i promptly step aside so the hand slides off - then he starts to inspect what i have in my bag and touches everything while asking me twenty questions (if the answers are obscure he'll inquire further), opens my pencilcase, empties it to do an itinerary list.
x amount of pencils. origin: college shop.
y amount of pens. origin: undisclosed.
z amount of crayons. origin: airport.
standard metal sharpener.
faber castell eraser, smudged on one corner.

i bet that if he had the chance, he'd go through my desk drawers, leaf through my notebooks, explore my medicine box and check what type of tampons i use.
with a clipboard and a pen.
and an annoying laugh.
and a nametag.
and a bowtie.


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