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i was chopping onions today when i cut my finger.
when i put it under running water, i thought 'this would be a fun metaphor'.
some people (and ogres) have several layers. when you get to know them, you try to peel them off, or cut through them.
causing emotional damage to yourself whilst in the exploration process would equal to cutting one's finger, as you are the one handling the knife, you decide the sharpness and the placing of the blade, and the onion is what determines the permanence of that direction and fluidity.
i can then say, yes, i cut my finger whilst cutting certain onions.
there are some i prefer to stop cutting through at the top or second layer, or halfway. on the inside some look fresh, some look rotten. the rotten ones i drop instantly on the floor.

so it's definite, this set up with --- really isn't going anywhere, mostly because he reminds me too much of someone else. gestures, the way he moves his hands.
and, most conversations just revolve around bands and such - surely there's something else to talk about?
'he's also an insomniac'.
ilundi, you can't base compatibility on such shallow things.
you can't guarantee sparks.
you need the proper stones to create them.


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