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i really hate doing it but i often doubt the sincerity people seem to show.
it could be a nod, a smile, a hand gesture, written word, the tone of their voice, a hand on your back - you find a certain strain there, a waver perhaps, i narrow my eyes and tear the material apart, looking for cocaine in a teddybear.
spock had a teddybear with fangs.

on that road, another thing that jades me is misinterpretation. or rather, the interpretation others pour into what you express - sometimes you actively don't give any wrong leads/neglect and it's the other party that prefers or chooses to give the language certain accentuations, perhaps by intuition or gut.
your responsibility is then to compose it in a way that you don't leave any loose ends, or any room for external additional information to seep in. if it's not the tightest of knots, it may fail to come across solidly, even risking its sincerity.
it can even become bullshit.

i'm sure i've committed the crime of not phrasing verbal and non-verbal language correctly - however the feeling of imbalance lingers even after thoroughly revising what someone once called the 'arquitectura efímera' (ephemeral architecture).
sometimes you don't have the time or the resources to shape your manner of communication accordingly, in this speedy race of a life.

and now, a love story that i'm sure won't be misinterpreted:









thus a shirtless, tight pantsed kirk was bitter because he didn't get the girl.
no more slavegirls at your feet for you, james.

the end.


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