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i raided my parents' bookshelves today, looking for 70's sans serif bauhaus crazed book cover design, instead of packing for tomorrow.
i've found good ones. most of them from 1976.

will post them eventually. they can't remain hidden. they just can't. they don't deserve to be forgotten and stuffed into dusty boxes. they smell abandoned, that pungent old sugary paper scent with hints of crackling glue. they feel old, soft, submissive. you can smell them through their touch and you can touch them through their smell.
(new books look so aggressive in comparison. but who doesn't enjoy a brand new book, immaculate pages, fresh ink, flexible glue, a pristine cover, the sound of a freshly fingerprinted turning page?)

i ran upstairs and looked through mine.
and then, i found a treasure.

they ate too many cherries and rode a bike all day.
this was my favouritetestestestestest illustration of all.
i'd like to see the german edition too.


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