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i got the following scary message from this guy named 'volkan':

'haloo iris ,hey man du siehst ja richtig gut aus !! bist du noch zuhaben baby?? wenn ja !! ich will dich haben!!! sofort!! tuemal dein msn her!!! sofort!! bevor ichs mir anders überlege
bye bye'

what scares me the most is the repetition of 'sofort'.
'bevor ich mir anders überlege'? excuse me?? i'm not here for your sole entertainment.
no, i'm not giving you my msn ad.
go away.

there's always the odd out of place comment that totally misses the point of the original intention in especially sensitive shots - but i laugh it off, and forget it in a couple of minutes - everybody's free to comment whatever they choose to say.

but things such as these really make me reconsider posting any more self-portraits.
that isn't part of what i want to communicate - it's not how i want to tap into in people's minds.
it doesn't even flatter, it just stings.
i see it as a failure, that they can't look beyond a certain point, that all they have to say in response to what i gingerly show is that it is insubstantial and, most of all, negligent to them.

surely there are hundreds of lusty busty girls who are lightyears more attractive and beautiful than me who like to be desired and complimented by random strangers, who will provide the relevant galleries for this jerk's perusal.

if this would have been said in person, he would have gotten such a kick in his spermmakers.


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