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have i ever said how much i love show and tell music?
i have to thank tad for pointing me in that direction. it makes me want to go to the u.s. for the sole purpose of raiding vintage vynils with outer spacey sounds and samples, abstract music, and, best of all, awesome covers.
i went out today to start my own little collection. i'm already doing so with book covers, but a bigger range of format would be so interesting. especially if i can also show and tell.

there wasn't much variety - i was rooting for the smiths and nancy sinatra, yet nothing. i hilariously came across two of pedo-mj's 'thriller', and a seven inch by bruce willis called 'respect yourself'. all the old ladies were backing away from me when i burst out laughing. i should have gotten it. but i'd already spent too much money and i had to keep it to a certain vintage aesthetic, not plain naffness. we're talking about graphic design.




sounds colorful

courtesy of pdsa and cancer research uk.
i don't have a record player but perhaps i can harrass arran into using his.


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