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so a certain person who told me that constantly staying in and up all day working would make me ill and i hate to say it actually did, thus missing the critique today thanks to a wave of nausea that made me take a nap and then wake up worse.
and missing critiques is such a crime.
i wrote a little apologetic letter to rhed-the-awesomest-tutor-in-the-world-because-we-think-so-much-alike.

now i'm guessing the stomach's futile upheaval is a prelude to a migraine (once again).

i couldn't even finish the video, there was no way of concentrating.
this has been the worst luck project ever: the closing down of uni due to snow, tutors being ill, lack of organisation in workshops and the two easter weeks slammed right in the middle of the 'production days' not allowing us to take cameras out.

that said, i am going out to breathe some oxygen abundant air in the intermitently drab day that is today, and take miss holga35 with me.

i am also going to show you this track because everyone should listen to it.


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