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'amanecí con los puños bien cerrados de la rabia insolente de mi juventud'

it's been from bed to computer and from computer to bed for the last three days and i think i'm going mad from not breathing fresh air, yet at least at least at least i'm seeing the project completed in a few hours, maybe at 4am as usual (distractions included). the critique is tomorrow and i will fall unconscious from disappointment if not from lack of sleep.

while stoicism has settled in nicely, i'm looking at the panic button out of the corner of my eye, but then i quickly switch itunes on and sing/shout/gargle like a madwoman to héroes del silencio, to the clickity click click clicky of the mouse - hopefully the music's loud enough to drown my off-key voice and i don't think rachael is very impressed.

once i added the text - oh helvetica you are you are you just are, never let yourself be used for bad causes - it all made sense and i thought 'i'm a subconscious minimalist' but i still don't know where i am so when the interview with my tutor is due i will say 'i have no fucking idea'.


yesterday i spoke to a friend, he mentioned his teacher at sociology class said that there's a resurgence of nationalism and that he differed in relation to prior trends. we discussed the terms 'european nationalism' and 'world nationalism' and laughed at ourselves and pledged to naiveness and idealism.


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