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unsolicited information

easter eggies


one example out of many:
jerk: 'you're supposed to flick it with one hand. one hand, like so (flicks) to crack it'
me: (after a ten second stare) ' so is that the only way to open an egg, and the rest aren't valid anymore?'
jerk: 'it's the way cooks do it, quickly'
me: 'with a boiled egg??'

he asks his girlfriend when the steam engine was invented in order to recieve an 'i don't know' which is his cue to inform all of us present in the room when, where and how.

i retreated quickly with the pertinent formalities to finish off packing for tomorrow.
otherwise my incontrollable face would have sent all the anger in my being towards the self-proclaimed father-like alpha male.

'guero' makes it aaaaall better. naaana nanananana naaanaaa.


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