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there's one man i have to thank a thousand times right now because he has given me an upgrade, a gift pro account on flickr. he didn't have to do it yet he did.
adrian aka velvet g: thank you than you thank you thank you thank you etc etc, and even more etceteras if you want.
sometimes being a financially challenged student isn't so bad.

be sure to check out his flickr gallery. he's very talented.
and i really like his most recent post. nostalgic, maybe. bright, sunny. the sort of thing you'd fix your eyes on when going on a reflective walk.
and now i will sit and finally type the testimonials i owe to those three kind men that wrote one for me each (including adrian).

in other 'news', i bumped into my tutor in the library, and filled her in with a condensed explanation of the vague ideas on the project. she leaned towards the video medium rather than the website. it seems that i can't run away from making videos and i'm starting to consider it a sign.
'but what about typography? how do i incorporate it?'
'does the brief say there has to be type in it?'
'uh, no' (YOU should know, i tought)
'well, it can be a performance piece then. you can think of someting snappy to put at the beginning or at the end'
'so it can be very fine artsy then'


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