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something else i found in my notebook

hellboy isn't half as bad as i thought it would be. mainly because it's all blasphemy and i like that. also, the hilariousness of rasputin being the arch-baddie.
i was half expecting lenin to randomly appear at the last bit and say 'oh, and i say to you, i am the angel of light that will destroy darkness. rasputin, go away.' and raputin would say 'uh-' and then this smoke would come out of nowhere and out of the smoke stalin would walk out and say 'ah, i am the angel of steel, i will crush light and rule the universe' and then there'd be a flash of light and trotsky would fly in and say 'ah, nay, stalin, you shall not, for i am the angel of courage and round glasses and you tried to kill me repeatedly and succeeded, you bastard' and then i'd randomly be walking by, see all this and cry out like a hysterical bobsocker 'OHMYGODS trotsky, can i have your autograph?' (by this time, hellboy and whatshername and that myers guy are kilometers away)' did you know my history teacher is your spitting image?? the hair, the glasses, the nose, everything??? he taught me about you, and the cold war, and palestine, and the world wars and the league of nations' and he'd say 'yes, for he is my reincarnation' and i'd say 'no way no way i HAVE to tell him, leon. may i call you leon? leon. i'm going to amsterdam right now' and then he'd stop me and say 'no, you must not, as if he ever finds out about his true identity all the pencils in the world will explode. and no, you cannot call me leon, you impertinent little girl'. then at this point, raputin and stalin would be playing chess with a set that lenin conjured up. 'why are you getting your bishops and your knights killed?! you will only be left with pawns' rasputin would cry out, and stalin would reply 'force of habit. and you, my friend, why are you solely using your queen and leaving your king all cornered up there?' 'it's proven to work in previous situations' raputin replied and stalin would say 'okay, okay, but stop staring at me' but the game ended in stalemate because lenin wanted to play a game of risk.
and i forget what i was talking about.


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