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since i tend to be surrounded by a lot of clutter yet aspire for minimalism (ha), most of the links now are in del.icio.us - take it as one of those see-through plastic storage boxes you stick odds and ends in. with a lid. and the sticker still on.
like a cajón desastre.
their system is confusing, as there doesn't seem to be a visible or obvious sense of hierarchy in its design, but it's a good way to file links. hm. monochrome folders with fake leather print on a shelf in no specific order. i bet mysterious men with beards developed it.
also, tonight's insomnia will be spent re-organizing my room for the nth time. while listening to rtve. hooray. much more productive than last night, staring at the ceiling in the darkness while my stomach and brain decided to scream at each other and cause all the aches they could, harmonising into nauseating tossing and turning. so. tomorrow will be knackering yet hopefully rhed will keep it short and sweet and light.


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