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reptiles are incredibly incredible.

as days go by, i am even more convinced i have to leave this country. it's only been a year and a half but i can't see the end to this tunnel. technically i'm in the ecuator line, but if the ma degree's added, i'm not even halfway yet.
at least the change in location will be appreciated when the course ends. possibly south london? please!
maidstone is a very maidstonian place. there are days i don't leave the house because i can't stand it outside. there's nothing to do. apart from the utterly depressing greyness and pavement tar patches, it's the people.
sometimes i watch the news and taxes are mentioned, the mediocrity of the nhs, the third-worldness of the train stations and the trains themselves, i think 'there's something wrong here, where are all the taxes going??' yet there seems to be no immediate response, no protests, nothing, because all that is prohibited. so they just sit there going 'oh, fiddlesticks' under their breath and sip their tea wondering if they'll have indian or chinese that night. ilundi flies into rages and screams, and i just sink into utter bitterness and am thankful for my temporary situation.


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