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my knees hurt.
i tripped over my flare legs twice and the suitcase fell on top of me to add a dash of comedy to the situation.
two men rushed towards me on the first instance, one of them so so so kindly carrying my 28kg suitcase to and fro. the second time people just stared. i think that was the most hilarious one. trying to get up, dust off the dirt, grab the handle, and limp away.

falling over and landing on my knees (later checked by pulling the jeans up and spotting two red irregular circles) catapulted me back to the days when i'd run and jump over logs and waited in line patiently to hang from the bars.
it's been years since i last felt the pavement scrape against my skin.
despite the soreness, it was strangely relieving - like a sneeze perhaps?
i guess the knees distract the rest of my body and the latter is tending to the sniffling caps. or maybe it's just the adrenalin that's still present in the bloodstream.
this will scab and bruise.
initial limping aside, walking now has a different dimension - i'm now conscious of my legs moving, of their locomotion. it's so easy to take your body for granted, to think it will remain so indefinitely. you only miss being healthy when you're ill. then you think 'i promise to cherish and protect my health', to be forgotten within a week.

i think i'm going to run more often - just random bursts, and see what happens.
hopefully i'll fall at some point.
and i'll get to wear plasters!

(my brother says: el viento ha cambiado de direccion, es hora de volver a casa a cenar.)


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