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my father was obsessing over the fact that tango acted up on him when he rode. he hadn't seen the horse in two months and the new 'horse-friendly' (instert sneer) mouthpiece needed some getting used to, so obviously tango wasn't going to be one smooth pony.
he said 'he's indomitable today.'
string of thought>> indomitable. small village to the north of gaul. romans. chiefs. small dog. helmets with wings. menhirs. magic potion. asterix and obelix.
and i said: 'by toutatis!!!' and shook my fist in the air.

cacofonix the bard had to be one of the best characters. the misunderstood artist who had reasons to be misunderstood. without that strife he wouldn't be that interesting a character, i don't think. 'barbaric philistines'. genius.

those two words are added to the 'words i must add to my daily vocabulary list' right under 'douchebag' and 'swell'. oh yes and 'creature'. the reason being that william shatner said it three times in a dialogue, next to 'kill', which was said twice.
no, the (young) william shatner obsession is not going away. as long as he talks the talk and walks the walk and walks the talk and talks the walk on dvds the fixation will prevail.


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