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i had the answer to an international conflict: give me t-shirts

this letter is days away from being a decade old, kept by my father until today. i think i wrote it right after seeing the canada/spain fishing conflict on the news. and wrote another one to the canadian embassador in germany (where we lived at the time). the latter is lost.
spelling mistakes and page numbering included. i laughed so much.
2nd april '95
1st page
dear ramsey family:

hi! i suppose you don't know who i am. don't you remember _________? if you don't, i'll refresh your memory. you met him in holland and i was just a baby when you met him. yes, i am his daughter, iris _________. please do not tear up this letter just because we're spanish. believe me, i've got a canadian friend, and she is janice greenshields.

this letter might be the answer to this fight. i've had a fight with janice about our boat being taken. guess who won? not janice, but me! even her best friend, antonia mcbryde, turned against her. i'm very reasonable!

my father was mad at the canadian ministers and goverment. but i had a long talk with him and soothed him.

have you got any children? how old are

they? i've got a brother 6 years old. i'm 10 years old.

if you're not cross with my dad, your lucky to have a spanish friend. i should say, that canada is a nice place but crave for fish. you cleared the 200 miles that you had for private property of fish and took 150 miles more where the spanish boat were fishing. greenpeace has anounced canada because you started to kill wales and seals. plus, you cleared 200 miles of sea out of fish. i'm not accusing any of you. just the parliament.
know, i don't know why queen victoria thinks we were fishing in 'your' territory that's supposed to be the international sea. i'm not in any one's side, but i've got a little more

2nd page
on the spanish. now you have 350 miles of sea. please, don't lose a friend! i haven't lost janice and that's going on. please, send us (or better, me!) a post card or (better, a letter) to us. if you have children, why can't your sons/daughters be pen pals? i've got two right know, but their from spain and one, cristina, i met in my holidays in mayorka, in the year 1993. one, is a very, very close friend. in fact, we've been friends since babies!

why can't we be friends? if you can send me a canadian t-shirt (of wolves or other typical canadian animals) if you tell me the prize, i'll gladly pay you back in marcks. also, i'm a very good cartoon drawer. i can draw you a real cute one. i understand you love fish, but, you can trade stuff for fish from another country.


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