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i bet if i was locked in a room with my lecturer, and i concentrated long enough, we'd have interesting discussions.
unfortunately he almost sends me off to sleep during the routine slideshows. my attention usually wavers.
the moment i feel i have something to say in reference to what he is so barroquely talking about, there's already adrenalin being secreted, my heart pumps faster, i wake up and sit on the edge of my seat, phrase and rephrase the planned sentences in my mind - only to reach an anticlimax because he won't shut up, so i go back to my semi-vegetative state.
the only moment i felt wide awake today was when i totally disconnected and thought about the current project.

this has to be said.
my latest hates:
- rod stewart
- amazon.co.uk
- tv
- someone knocking at my bedroom door, opening it and finding it was ilundi with *** behind her totally catching me by surprise in not one of my most eloquent and sociable moods, then her disappearing into thin air, leaving us two alone, and then him running away promptly after giving me a tape. and then coming back after half an hour. and me stammering. and having a half decent conversation, whilst i was blushing ferociously like a baboon's derrier. and him avoiding my eyes. and then me shoving some cds into his arms. and then me running away. it was a bit hazy. i don't know. i think it was the reaction to the situation rather than anything else.


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