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mr duking this is a salute to you and your fasting days in which you'd only drink water, and to your receding dutch accent too.
you were the awesomest. (next to mr prickarts-trotsky. ms holmberg also, but doesn't count as she was the awesomest female teacher)
throughout those three years i'd call you my hero - your golden hair stood up straight all over the place, with its matching intermitent stubble, and you had huge blue eyes behind the occasional glasses resting on that pointy and straight nose, complementing your bird-like movements. your clothes were too short for you despite the fact they looked baggy and empty. (sometimes your shirt choices made us giggle).
i remember the different ways you had of pronouncing my name and never making your mind up over it (dutch or english, or a hybrid of both that made me cringe and claw at my green chair), and always stammer on the first syllable.
'would you like to answer this question, ee-ah-ee-eerghees?'
'what do you think the answer is, aye-aye-e-aye-ris?'
and you'd blink at he same tempo as the stammering.
how cute.
your classroom was always strangely cold. freezing even, king of the du.


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