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4 lensy is dying. the revolving shutters lazily turn 60º, and it's triple exposing at its own whim. it didn't last very long - however i did take it everywhere with me which could have shortened its life span.
it had been underachieving four films ago, but i liked the lofiness. the last film's pictures, the ones i picked up today (yesterday), clearly showed the poor thing had passed its prime.
tomorrow (today) will be lomo hunting day.
i drool for the lomo kompakt automat, the supersampler, and the fisheye. and the holga 35 afx.
perhaps the latter will be the one.

i'll go up to the guy in the hype kappern shop and say in my bad half-german half-spanish accent 'meneer, heeft u de holga 35 afx? en de fisheye? die zijn lomo kameras.' and he'll say 'nee, wij hebben alle lomo kameras verkocht.' and ill cry 'neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! dat kan niet!!!' and he'll say 'ja, dat kan, tot ziens.' and i'll walk back to my bike all low-headed.
of course, he could also say 'ja, wil u de holga kijken?' and i'll say 'natuurlijk. hoeweel is het?' and he'll say 'die is 65 euro.' and i'll say 'okay, ik pakke deze, en de fisheye ook.' and i'll give him the money, grab the receipt doing a pirouette, and dance back to my bike all high-headed.


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