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a story: black as black is the night

i had a full pre-electric experience tonight, as the power was cut from my house and four others down the street.
in the whole of friggin maidstone, it had to be here.
i happened to be home alone (one of the few blissful times) and bam. it was dark as darkness.
not even our whole supply of candles sufficed. not even adding twenty tealights. they only gave me a headache out of their heavy scents. and my room looked like a whorehouse with all the reds and pinks.
fortunately, out of rachael's annoyance at us switching the lights on when she has her frequent early nights in, i had learned how to walk around the house in the dark.
since i then was oblivious to the four hours i was going to spend with major electricity withdrawal syndrome, i staggered down the cellar stairs which i oh so hate, into the freezingness and dampness with a christmas candle in my left hand which attempted to set some cobwebs and spiders alight without my permission.
i got to the switches. they were all on. that was strange.
so i switched the mains off and then on. nothing.
then i switched ALL of them off, and then on.
the fridge still refused to start humming upstairs. it sat there going 'no, i will not go on. and i shall stay that way'.
so then i assumed the blackout, ran up the stairs to get rid of the cellar-caused bad vibes, and proceeded to call the landlord. he wasn't much help.
any calls to the power supplier were futile as all they were was prerecorded female voices not really saying anything of help and/or new. as usual.
so i sat there, watching the flames and taking rubbish shots of my room. and me making funny faces.

cue to ilundi arriving with her new boyfriend. they literally spent ten minutes flicking the switches on and off. on and off. on and off. click. clik-click. click.
they didn't seem to get it.
so i felt my way downstairs and sort of told her it was no use, it was a blackout. that i had already tried everything, hence the candles.
'oooh. by the way, have you met tom?'
'no... hi'
'tom, this is iris'
this was quite surreal, because i couldn't see his face and surely he couldn't see mine either.
so we stood in the landing talking mainly about nothing, and then they moved onto the boyfriend's non-electricity-lacking house.
i left the house too, to catch up on a friend - i had a hunch he'd be working until late tonight at the supermarket. i was losing my eyesight and my head thumped with all the tangy smells.
a little conversation and nine pounds worth of shopping later, i got back, and surprise surprise the light wasn't back on yet. a good half an hour wasted re-lighting all the candles, and setting myself up a little cocoon to read books in.
and when i started to get comfortable,
there was LIGHT. oh the joy, the happiness, which resulted in my jumping on the bed, singing, running around, playing loud shiny-happy music, crying out 'yes!!!'.
and so i have remained.
now i can't go to sleep, because i want the lights to stay with me.


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