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rarely does tv give me these little shots of pleasure:
i have been violently taken back to 98/99.

beaming, my heart pounding, watching my newly purchased nirvana video from 'madrid rock', squealing delightfully at kurt cobain in a dress forgetting the lyrics to 'come as you are'. and then gawking at dave grohl's hair.
listening to the 'nevermind' tape over and over again on my 80's walkman on my way to and back from school on the bus, recorded from another tape which was recorded from yet another tape. and i like to think the latter was also recorded from yet another copied tape.
also, i remember buying 'mellon collie and the infinite sadness'. loving 'bullet with butterfly wings', and hating 'lily'. amazed at billy corgan's nasal voice.
YES, my hero is on the screen. you adorable piece of a girly man, you.
'physically beck isn't a threatening man' the narrator says.
he can threaten me anytime with anything anywhere.
tripping back, there's me in some music store, i forget which one, with my blue coat and my tiny black thrifty bag, 'midnite vultures' in my hands and contemplating on buying it. i thought in my little impressionable and naive mind 'wow, this is the guy from those two videos i saw the other day in the morning on canal+ top fourty sitting at the kitchen counter in my pijamas having jam on toast and a bowl of nesquiked milk and the sun shining through the window, the one of the beach and that other one with a blue suit.' however, it had to wait a couple of years. sniffles.
i also remember being exposed to the beastie boys for the first time with their 'intergalactic planetary' video, and smiling stupidly. the hilarity of the octopus monster. the geniality of the giant cardboard robot.

i wish i was 14 again.


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